Boogie Van Ch. 16

I watched as Ellen's Impala drove out of sight, then I got back on the road. The trip was proving to be quite eventful, and highly satisfying, as I got back onto the highway, and set a general direction south.

Towards late afternoon, I was coming up on Bakersfield, and I noticed one of those big motorhomes coming up next to me in the passing lane. When it drew level, I glanced over as it passed me by. As the last window at the back came level, I saw a pair of tits pressed against the glass, oh yeah, the roundness and fullness made my cock take notice, a real nice set. The owner of those great tits gave me a long, lingering view, then she lowered her face down to the window, grinning at me. I saw a cute face, emerald green eyes, and long blonde hair.

Yeah, a nice set, but she looked awfully young. Probably wouldn't amount to anything, no doubt she was with a family, in a motorhome that big.

It merged back into the right lane and started to widen the distance between us. Five miles down the road, a Rest Area exit appeared, and I saw the rear turn signal activate. I wanted to get out, stretch my legs and maybe get something to drink, the sign said 'vending machines.'

The driver of the motorhome swung into the area furthest away from the restrooms and slotted it into one of the oversize parking lanes. I pulled up nearer to the restrooms.

I hopped out, ah good, a soda machine beckoned, and I had an ice-cold 7 Up in short order, ah that felt good as I took a good long swig. I walked around a bit, stretching out the kinks, and as I wandered back towards my van, I saw the young lady who had given me such a wonderful view hop out of the motorhome, with a slightly disgusted expression. She looked around, and when she saw me, she gave me a smile and beckoned me over.

She was looking very hot. I sized her up, she was about five foot seven, about 130 pounds or so, golden honey color hair that went to the middle of her back, she was wearing an orange bikini top, and a pair of white shorts. Those firm, upright breasts that I had gotten a good look at nicely filled out her top. They looked like a 34, round and full, and two nice perky nipples poked out against the fabric. The bare expanse of her midriff was exposed, her tummy was flat, her white shorts had a sexy curve, and sleek, full legs.

She said, "Hey handsome, glad you could stop, did you enjoy the view? I'm Brooke, what's your name?"

I told her, and Brooke said, "Being on the road is boring, we've come all the way from Connecticut, and my parents have to stop, I hate stopping because I always have to get out.''

I asked, "Why is that?"

"Because my parents want to fuck, so they kick me out, so they have privacy to fuck, and I have to cool my heels while they enjoy hot, sexy afternoon fun. This is the second time today, jeez, they've been married 20 years, and they still fuck like newlyweds."

At my startled expression, she opened the door, and said, "Take a listen."

I heard grunts and moans, then a male voice growled, "Oh yeah baby, get down there, suck my cock, get me all hard, so I can fuck your sweet pussy", then a loud grunt as apparently, Brooke's Mom did exactly that.

I softly closed the door, she looked at me, gave me a smile, and said, "If they can enjoy some hot sexy fun, why shouldn't I? Are you up for that?"

I was startled, I replied, "How old are you?"

She giggled, "Old enough to be legal, and young enough to want my tight pussy fucked hard as often as possible. I love the feel of an eager cock driving into me, stretching me open, then fucking me hard and deep, until I get my tight pussy flooded with a sizzling load of hot cum. I want to get fucked!"

Reaching into her purse, she pulled out her driver's license. She was 18, and I relaxed, yes, she was old enough.

"I want to feel really naughty, let's go into the woman's room, and I want you to fuck me in one of the stalls!"

Oh man, she sounded like a real wild one, but I figured what the fuck. If anyone came in, they didn't know us. And judging from the lack of traffic at this time, we may be able to have it all to ourselves.

She grabbed my hand, and I quickly followed. At the door to the women's room, she paused, gave me a wicked grin, and in we went. The room was empty, with a long row of toilet cubicles. She led me to the one furthest from the door, and in we went.

Turning to me, she grabbed my head, and our lips mashed together. Her tongue shot out, and our kisses became a hot, tongue-filled rush of passion. I reached behind her and undid the bow of her bikini top. I slid my hand inside the cups, and she started to moan into my mouth as I tugged and gently tweaked her nipples, enjoying the way they stiffened up to my fingers.

I felt her hand reach inside my shorts, and grope at my quickly growing cock, she gasped into my mouth as she felt it get bigger and bigger.

She stepped back a pace, and slid her bikini top off, enjoying the way my eyes locked on those sexy mounds of tit flesh.

"You like my 34D tits baby?", she cooed huskily. "Kiss them, lick them, suck them, and bite then, not too hard, mark my tits!"

I was happy to do exactly that, enjoying her coos of pleasure. Under my oral ministrations, her nipples became throbbing, reddened, elongated bumps of pleasure, my cock was aching for it.

She pulled back, eyes wide, she purred, "Your cock feels so big! I want it, I want every inch, I want to be stuffed like a Christmas turkey! Stuff my cunt, fuck my ass off, and squirt every drop into me, I'm so horny, hose my cunt down, and put out that fire!"

She shoved down her shorts and panties, and turned her back to me, bending forward to a 45-degree angle. I had a splendid view of her sexy rump, the graceful curves, so perky and smooth. She spread her legs wide, reached down, and opened her tight lips for me.

"Right there Colin, skewer me, baby, ram my horny cunt!"

More than happy to do so, I stepped up, nudging my cock head against her bubbly entrance. I pushed hard, grabbing her hips to pull her back tight against me, Brooke let out squeals of pure pleasure as I went in, she was soaked, furnace hot, nice and tight and with her rising shriek, I buried myself, my balls bouncing against her pussy as I stretched open that tight teen cunt.

"Fuck, oh fuck, fuck, so stuffed, I love it. Fuck me, baby, ride my tight cunt, then spray it down!"

I grabbed her hips and got a rhythm going, enjoying the growls and moans of pleasure, as she started to hump her hips back at me.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, feels so fucking good. Let me have it, make me cum all over your cock!"

With her fiery cunt milking tightly at me, it didn't take long before my balls started to churn.

Brooke cried out, "Keep fucking me baby, oh yeah, gonna cum, cum with me Colin, cum in me, flood me, oh god, right, right, right THEEERRREEEE!"

Her voice went up to a shriek, and my cock felt the wild gripping ripples grab at me. I pulled her back hard against me one last time and buried my cock, right at the entrance to her womb, and I growled with pleasure as I felt my cock let go, jerking and throbbing, spewing several ropes of cum straight into this tight little vixen's womb, her cunt hungrily milking me for every drop. I kept my cock buried deep, as we recovered ourselves.

Brooke cooed, "Ummm, still so hard, it would be a waste to not take advantage."

She pulled free, then turned to bring her mouth level with my cock. Just as she pursed her lips around my cock, and slid down, the restroom door opened, and a voice called out, "Brooke dear, are you in here?"

She quickly pulled free and called back, "Yeah Mom, I'll be out soon."

As the door closed, and it was evident that her Mom had not entered, Brooke giggled, "Almost caught in the act!"

We hurriedly got dressed, and Brooke said, "Are you going our way? I'd love to check out that boogie van of yours, bet it's got a nice big bed!"

I said, "How did you happen to know that term?"

"Well, when we went past, I remember thinking that your van was a lot like the one my Mom and Dad owned. Back when they were horny teens, he saved up enough money for a 1976 Ford boogie van, and considering how much they still fuck, I imagine they made that van boogie many nights, with the old horizontal bop!"

She giggled again, then continued, "My parents will be looking for a campground trailer park for the night pretty soon. You can follow us, and find a spot fairly close to us. When we get a spot, I'll text you the lot number, After dinner, it won't take long before they'll be back in bed, fucking up a storm. I'm gonna get out once they start, they won't notice that I'm not back for a while, they are out like a light right after orgasm. I'll come over, and in your van, I'll show you what I wanted to do before my Mom interrupted. Give me your cell number, so I can let you know when we will turn off for the night."

With an invitation like that, there was no way I could pass that up. She gave me a big smile at my acceptance and we went to the door. She peeked out, then motioned me to follow her out. The door was facing away from their motorhome, and we stepped a few paces away from the door. She grabbed me, and our mouths came together, in a tongue-filled swirl of lust, that quickly brought me back up. I felt her hand reach down, feeling my straining cock.

She broke the kiss, and purred, "A little something, to keep your nice, big cock interested for tonight."

She started back towards the motorhome, I enjoyed the harmonious movement of her sexy rump, as I was able to casually saunter back to the van as if I was just leaving the men's room. I saw her at the motorhome door, she looked back at me, grinned, and blew me a kiss. Once she was aboard, the motorhome made its way to the entrance ramp. I let a couple of cars get in front of me, so I could follow, and not be too obvious that I was following, just in case her Dad noticed my van behind them and got suspicious.


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